Some times we may see some celebrities's photos, posters or other forms of advertisements (on streets, subways, buses, etc) that we are not familiar with, but we want to learn more about them.

What it does

Given a celebrity's photo, find out some latest news of him/her from New York Times.

How we built it

Using Clarifai API to figure out the celebrity's name from an uploaded photo, then extracting the latest news of him/her with New York Times Article Search API

Challenges we ran into

Got stuck on the Geographic API of New York Times when we initially attempting to including geographic information to our app, then we modified our design and use their Article Search API instead

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully applied two APIs provided by the sponsors and perfectly combine them to develop a useful APP for people to overcome the embarrassment of not knowing some famous celebrities

What we learned

How to use APIs from Clarifai and New York Times

What's next for FindCele

Taking geographic information from a Google Map API into consideration during the searching process, and make it available on multi-platforms (e.g. Android, IOS, etc).

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