We were inspired by the popular "meme" regarding how a dog would wear jeans. We also wanted 3D printers. So we applied this meme to dinosaurs, and created a story regarding how two factions fight eachother and there is one chosen one that can resolve the conflict. This led to the idea of a Where's Wally-esque video game where you need to find the "Dappersaurus" (has a fancy hat) in a scene full of dinos.

We randomly generate the positions of the dinosaurs in pre-constructed backgrounds that have a masking function applied to them to generate an intuitive depth. We fine tuned our algorithms to create a presentable product that would be engaging to the player.

Only HTML, CSS and JavaScript (with JQuery) were used.

We realized that without libraries or different web tools such as .NET, development of a game is awkward. However, with a tight schedule, we went through and made the most of our current knowledge which sometimes led to unique, seemingly unintuitive solutions to problems.

We are most proud that we did not use any library other than JQuery, making us have a sense of full ownership of the project. We are happy that we all were intergral to the final project and have a strong sense of team unity.

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