We are five hackers and engineers from three different countries, who are keen on building the most practical solution with AI, robotics and machine learning. What we know for sure after years as entrepreneurs and competitions, the best ideas come from people’s everyday problems. Everybody loves to explore the world, but today it is too much of a hassle to find and organize the perfect trip. We wanted to fix that, so we did it!

What it does

FindAir is providing one click journeys for adventure hungry, playful men and women that want to experience their perfect trip. By analyzing your social media profiles, such as pictures and hashtags, with our AI engine, FindAir will propose the perfect journey for you. Either it is for a music festival in Berlin, experiencing the spices in Mumbai, or just relaxing on a beach in Phuket. FindAir will suggest the right place, the right activity, the right food, yes, FindAir will suggest the right journey, just for you. It is completely free for the users, its revenue is provided through “perfect-match” targeted advertisement.

How we built it & what we used

We use the cutting edge machine learning technologies to build user profile, understand what he prefers and who is he. It gives us textual description of images and meta information about user. In addition we have impressive database about local events/restaurants/sights. Using this information and language processing/recommendation system our algorithms match you with your perfect journey.

Challenges we ran into

It was crucial for us that FindAir was easy, intuitive and effortless. This created some challenges for the designer and especially for the frontend developer, who had to really use his skills and experience to create a user-friendly interface and platform.

Since FindAir is providing suited journeys for everyone, at any time, it had to be precise and smart. FindAir is analyzing the user’s data from social media to provide accurate suggestions to what the user wants, it required some hefty programming. This was a real challenge for the backend developers. At the end they created some state of the art analyzing and semantic text analyzing AI tool.

At the end, we had to find a legit business model. This challenged our business developer to think outside the box. We did not want to use banner advertising, because this is just annoying. And of course it shall be free to use. We wanted to find a way to keep FindAir fresh, effortless and without the feeling of annoying advertisement. After some brain-demanding hours, he found a great option for revenue streams. When several perfect matches appear for the users, the one who match best for our customers will be number one in the list. This guarantee that the users gets the best offers, and we manage to survive as a business. We call it “perfect-match targeted advertisement”.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A state of the art recognition and semantic text recognition system that provides customer-oriented trip suggestion;
  • A sweet, easy, intuitive platform;
  • A Creative business model;
  • A perfect-match targeted advertisement;
  • A lot of fun, laughs and thinking!

What we learned

It might sound like a cliche, but for us it felt true: Anything is possible! All you need is a team that are willing, brainy and communicative. You don’t even need enough time (obviously).

Future steps for FindAir

FindAir really need some lead-users; After testing the platform enough times, FindAir will be developed into a mobile application as well.; FindAir need some partners to agree on joining us.

Why wait - try it first

Go straight to website! And remember. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

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