This is a cool hack I did when I lost my cat

I think it's worth sharing because I created a distributed mass email system in one night for the greater good of finding a lost cat.

Now; it is a bit spammy but since it is not commercial, I give it a pass.

Code synopsis

  1. Generate lists: # used to generate permutations of phone number portions
for i in `seq 0 999`; do printf "%03d\n" $i; done > second_uniq.txt # second section of a phone number
for i in `seq 0 9999`; do printf "%04d\n" $i; done > third_uniq.txt # third section of a phone number
  1. Generate all possible numbers # generates possible phone numbers
./ > all_numbers.txt
  1. Generate all possible cell provider emails # transpose numbers to possible emails
./ > all_email_list.txt
  1. Populate SQS with all e-mails # throw emails in aws sqs for processing
  1. Mass text everyone in a area code via a distributed worker system

in the following script I set this up to run via digital ocean nodes that were spun up; processed x amount of outbound messages and then spun down the worker node.


Yes it's awesome

No, I didn't ever find my cat

My wife believes our neighbor stole her, because she was a gorgeous calico cat

No, not happy about it

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