Injustice in the world. We've been seeing social media campaigns about rights that people want to fight for. We've been exposed to violent videos, pictures, and incidents that deserve to be heard. We wanted to create a platform where people can share experiences and connect with others who face been victimized. We wanted to create a platform where people could involve themselves.

What it does

It gives people all over the world a platform to voice their opinions about the injustices they face in their lives. It also gives the NGOs and other organizations that aim to help people around the world an idea of how things are in different places and gives them an opportunity to take quick action.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL to create a dynamic and functional website. We divided roles amongst ourselves based on skill level and coding experience. We completed small tasks individually and combined our work collaboratively. We used GitHub and codeshare to export code, and utilized discord to communicate ideas and share feedback on each other's work.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges throughout this two-day journey of creating our own support application. The main one being the inexperience of the team - since we are still Semester One students. However, we are absolutely encouraged to take up such real-world challenges in the future because this hackathon was a big stepping stone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We, as a team, can materialistically see what we have accomplished in less than two days - the new knowledge we have acquired. In all honesty, it's overwhelmingly amazing!! We did not expect to get this far into our project and have a presentable submission. Our goal initially was to try this hackathon out for fun and as a learning experience, but we were surprisingly focused and productive.

What we learned

We improved on our HTML skills and also learned how to incorporate CSS and SQL databases in a more sophisticated manner to a basic HTML layout. We learned to collaborate, communicate, use professional tools like Github and vs code and we made a couple of friends along the way!

What's next for ACTivism

Minor Improvements:

  • We could allow users to add photos and videos along with their experiences
  • Add a News section that enables users to view headlines around the world based on topics they are advocating for.
  • More NGOs and countries to expand our outreach Major Improvements:
  • Enable cross-platform availability (app and website, available online and offline)
  • Add filters to each and every post, so no fake or fraudulent content.
  • Based on the number of complaints per location, we can tag the location as a priority or a red zone.

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