Bring Science and transparency into Politics

What it does

It scans transcripts of political debates, analyze personality of the candidates along a rich set of criteria and maps it with your preferences to recommend you a candidate. You can also send direct feedback to candidates.

How I built it

We've used Flashband, a new platform for feedback and personal brand management and integrated it with IBM Watson, mashed them up in a new application hosted by .Club

Challenges I ran into

Access to long enough transcript of debate to have reliable personality analysis

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to bring Science into political debate and choice of candidate in 24 hours !

What I learned

IBM Watson API

What's next for Find your favorite presidential candidate

We can not only help you find your best candidate based on their debates and personalities, but we can also allow you to rank them along skills you think are important and send them feedback anonymously or not and see all the statistics sent by all other people. A crowd-sourced political feedback which can finally provide to politicians a clear view of what people really think about them and their program, and the gap with the image they try to project.

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