Agreeing on a place to eat can be difficult, especially when nobody wants to pick the "wrong" place. I wanted a way to find restaurants in a given area and randomly select them based on preferences.

What it does

The user can select their restaurant preferences and the location they want to search in. Given this information, it will return a random restaurant for them to go to.

How I built it

Google's Maps API was being difficult to set up and warranted a potential cost, however, I found an alternative called HERE. This API was able to sufficiently do what I needed and worked well into my webpage.

Challenges I ran into

Finding an API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to find the restaurants in addition to providing a linked address to open it for directions.

What I learned

Integrating a map API and performing search queries with it.

What's next for Find Us Food

Go out and eat! :)

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