Children have short attention spans. Because of this shopping isn't always the most interesting activity. We built our app in order too keep kids entertained as their parents shop while at the same time benefiting the community.

What it does

Our app is a fun and fast paced scanning game suitable for adults and their children. Simply go to the site, view the daily "Target Items" to search for, and Scan their barcodes to earn points. Play for speed or for loyalty (highest amount of points overall) to get on the leader board. Points can be turned into money for charity or if you have enough, into a small amount of store credit

How I built it

The App is built using the Target API, MVC 4, C#, and Razor. It also incorporates a bit of QR scanning logic.

Challenges I ran into

I have had no experience with building mobile apps before and spent more time than I ought to have trying to learn it. Finally I had to switch to web dev (which I have had minimal experience in) for time constraints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make a good prototype that displays most of the intended features in a short amount of time. I also built website for the first time from scratch and was able to prperly build the backend for the Barcode scanning.

What I learned

It is good to know the basic platform you plan to use before coming to the hackathon. Also that spending too much time on one thing is inefficient at a hackathon.

What's next for Find the Target

Finishing it up for practice sake and possible open sourcing it.

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