I had just finished playing basketball with some coworkers in the financial district, when we were leaving I realized I didn't know how to get home ( I live in Queens ). I know the trains I need to get home and I just needed to know where exactly the closest one was.

Thats when it hit me, how the hell is there not an app that just points me to the closest subway. 6 months later, Find The Line NYC was in the app store. For me, its simple, people in NYC often know what train they're looking for when they're trying to go home (or another familiar location), they don't need to enter in tons of information and have google maps use tons of data to calculate your predetermined destination. "I need an R train, where's the closest one?", or "where am I, i just need to find the subway".

This app is a one touch app that just gives you the raw information you need. It's simply a compass, and google maps using the MTA data of the subway system. A simple UI, gets you the info you need quickly and simply. If you know what train your looking for, you can swipe or tap the compass to reveal a grid of all the subway trains. Select your desired train and the app will direct you to it.

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