Find The Line NYC finds the closest subway stop using your current location. A compass will point you in the right direction, and with the help of walking directions, you'll never be lost in New York City again. Want a specific train? No problem, you can select any train you'd like and Find The Line will get you there.

How it works

Uses MTA's GTFS subway data in combination with the hardware of the mobile device to actively navigate the user to the closest subway.

Challenges I ran into

iOS development with Phonegap and plugins can be difficult, depending on versioning and cert's/provisioning profiles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Approved and licensed by the MTA. Approaching 1000 downloads with nothing but word of mouth and a quality product in under 2 months since initial launch.

What I learned

Proper coding practices and simplicity in design can be the best solutions.

What's next for Find The Line NYC

Feature and design updates

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