All three of our team members met at the Unity workshop earlier on Friday at the start of HackHolyoke. None of us had any experience in using Unity, and the Google Cardboard integration with Unity seemed really cool. We decided it'd be awesome to try and recreate an "Escape the Room" type of game that implemented the augmented reality capabilities using the Andriod phone camera

What it does

Find a bat!

How I built it

We used Unity and the Andriod SDK packages along with assets from the Unity store

Challenges I ran into

Pointing and clicking using Raycasts and deltatime ALMOST worked

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There's no augmented reality or room... but it ended up being a more reasonable task for us to get some sort of product up and running on an Andriod device within 24 hours and learn a lot about how powerful Unity can be for game development.

What's next for Find the Bat!

We'll find the bat a home by making it a room...

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