This project aims to refresh our brains while we get bored from studies.It involves many classmates together who can setup hiding the key and then amuze themselves as you set out to find them amaongst flowing water or obstacles at the house.So everyone does'nt have to buy the VR as being students it's not feasible at times.

What it does

In this game or simultation you have to set out in finding an object.So there's one of the player finding it.The other player guides the user with series of clues.The others can watch and learn tactics from this game and also can help setting up the clues and guiding sentences for the user.

How I built it

I learnt from several tutorial online especially the and the Fuseman's tutorial was helpful.I followed the unity docs to be able to guide me.The mentor was amazing he helped me understand how simple blender is so I can get more models from there.Then I made the scenes using Unity.After that I have written the scripts in C# and conditions which the objects of scene runs in form of like State machine using Animation control window.

Challenges I ran into

I had tough time making assets but then got hold of Blender on "Windows" to help me get the kind of scenes I want.I trouble designing the C# scripts as I was new But I learnt it fairly quickly due to my strong experience with Java.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I could build a game which can like sitting in your office help you find keys in your room also if I create the scenes like of my house then using AR I can do this task

What I learned

About VR/AR tools and ibrary and to use Oculus Go

What's next for Find Stuff

To make a crime detection system and to find traces.Then to show messages to the user easily that helps him understand the scenario of the game easily. This will be build to a AR application then

Built With

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