My grandma has a lot of modern technology, but doesn't understand how to use it, and is very vulnerable to phishing scams. It seemed she would contact me every week with similar questions to figure out her tech. We needed something that she could easily access and use on her own whilst having a conversation with what seems like a real person

What it does

People who are not tech savvy can come onto the easy to use application and have a conversation with Watson about how to use their technology. If grandma doesn't understand how to download her grandson's google drive photos from spring break onto her computer, she can ask Watson. We also added a Cyber news section that informs users of potential security threats and how to avoid similar ones

How we built it

We built the front-end using html, css, and javascript. Then, at the same time, worked on understanding Watson and Google home technology. The app would be a chat that uses IBM Watson to communicate and access the answers to the questions. Google home tech would allow those that are blind to also use our service by directly asking the Google assistant.

Challenges we ran into

We needed more time to implement all of Watson and learn more about it and integrating the Google Cloud Platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a front-end application and completing more than we thought in a short time. And, we had a great time, met amazing people

What we learned

Learning Watson assistant as well as working as a team to complete a relatively difficult task. Project management was foreign to many of us, so learning that was invaluable.

What's next for Find Out Tech

The biggest thing is finalizing our features. We want to train our AI to be able to solve as many problems as possible and continue our google home development.

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