California has the highest amount of homeless people. There are 130000 people currently homeless in California. That is a lot! Seeing the homeless problem for ourselves and hearing about the recent wildfires inspired us to help those affected and California.

What it does

Our app is a user- friendly way for a person in need of shelter, food, a place to take refuge after a disaster and much more unfortunate events. It connects an organization with resources with those without resources. More importantly, if you don't have a device to access it, the website can be run from any public place with computers.

How we built it

We used virtual studio code to communicate and code on. We used many languages including python, javascript, HTML, and CSS

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes we ran into many problems like bugs and our .json file wasn't working so we had to use a SQL file instead. Running into unexpected problems was one huge factor in how we had to modify our code in a lot of ways

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having:

  1. A nice, userfriendly, login page
  2. A cooperative team
  3. We all split up the work evenly between ourselves very smoothly and managed to get it all done before the competition ended.
  4. We learned a new language

What we learned

We learned:

  1. A new framework (flask)
  2. A new language (Markdown)
  3. Beginning of Android studio
  4. How to cooperate and communicate with each other under pressure
  5. A new site for creating professional presentations

What's next for Find My Shelter

In the future we will:

  • We will open it up to more than San Fransico
  • We will add an option for Companies to become a partner with us that will always be open to help the people in need
  • We will tighten up security and make our web app into a phone app
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