We have basically unlimited storage now and there are a lot of photos! We will have a HUGE collection of photos after a wedding or a trip. We will have to go through each photo to find the ones we are in. Google Photos and other cloud services can recognize, but you need to upload.

What if you can easily pick the photos you are in with a simple click, without internet !

What it does

A desktop offline app to find photos you are in from a large collection of albums/folders.

How I built it

  • Electron JS, nodeJS & Vue : To make the desktop app
  • face-api.js : For face recognition

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting face-api.js to work. It was my first time with Electron and nodeJS. Learning how to use face-api.js with Electron was difficult
  • Electron : Integrating Vue & Electron plus having a different worker to process images was very difficult. Spent many hours for it
  • Initially I wanted to make an app for making timelapse video from a set of selfies, but nodeJS had its limitations, so I remade it into Find My Photos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It works! From being sad of not getting it to work to making it work is a great feeling :)
  • Got to find photos that I didn't know I was in :D

What I learned

  • ElectronJS: Learnt basics of working with Electron
  • face-api.js : How to use it and the basics of facial recognition

What's next for Find My Photos

  • Publishing as an app
  • Implement timelapse video feature
  • Group photos by faces

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