The goal of our project was to facilitate the recovery of communities after a disaster had occurred. We designed an app that first responders would input an impacted person's information and their family members would be able to look up if their family members were recorded in the database. We plan on using facial recognition and other information to compare between information the first responders have and the family members to try and connect loved ones together.

Although we did not finish we have plans to use the IBM cloud services to run our application and then an IBM DB2 database to store our information. We also plan on using facial recognition software to compare pictures to better identify people.

We have just started finalizing all the separate piece of our project, like the facial recognition and the front end of the app and the back-end storage. We plan to connect all of our pieces together to make our final product. We are planning to the app with IBM Watson chatbot to build a voice-enabled Android chatbot, to allow people to query things like food, water and shelter camps. The bot would return the location of the service.

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