Find My Library is an open source software project with the goal of making it easier for patrons - particularly those with limited access to the Internet from home - to locate a public library in their community. The project has 2 components: A custom Drupal module for creating and managing a "Library Locations" content type. A telephone and text messaging application that provides easy access to library locations entered into the Drupal Content Management System. Find My Library makes it simple and convenient for anyone to locate a library in their neighborhood. The application can be used with any telephone. From traditional land line telephones to sophisticated mobile phones such as the G1 Phone, iPhone and Droid. If it can make a phone call, you can use it to find a library near you.

Currently, information on libraries in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens is available through this application. Additional library locations in New York City (and in other municipalities) will be added to Find My Library as it is made available.

Users may call a toll free number to search for a library using their telephone keypad.

Users may also send a test message to a NYC phone number to search for a library using SMS. Users begin their search by sending the word "Hello." (Note - the text messaging portion of this application is still in the experimental stage.)

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