What it does

A signal emitter continuously sends signals over to a listener base and one it loses contact, the base notifies you as long as the item is a designated tag (registered in the system)

How I built it

It's built with the standard circuitry and Arduino technology. It includes HC-05 & HC-06 Bluetooth Modules as a form of communication.

Challenges I ran into

Many Bluetooth modules would not allow us to connect to them (via Bluetooth) on the computer, and even afterward, we would fail to communicate with them using the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Once there was an established connection between the two Bluetooth modules, it was possible to get them to communicate with each other and execute the correct commands, but after a couple of hours, the product stopped working with us not knowing why.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the product to work once.

What I learned

We learned about HC-05/HC-06s, Serial communication between computers and the modules, and serial communication between the modules. We also learned a little about wifi connection between two devices because we gave up on Bluetooth modules at one point.

What's next for Find my iTem

  • Can be extended to other forms of wearables
  • Distance Setter
  • Ultra High-Frequency Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for tracking with accuracy, convenience, and portability
  • Tags can be placed on multiple objects
  • Phone / Watch App for easy user interface
  • Categories: School, Work, Exercising
  • Notification system less annoying (preference)

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