We're driven by a commitment to health equity and a belief that equity doesn't just express itself in access to surgical care, but also in the tools patients are provided with on the long and winding road to recovery. We're committed to highlighting the impact of discriminatory pain management practices that set some patients up for a painful recovery and open the doors to addiction for others. We were drawn to tackle this because, while the spotlight is on the opioid crisis, discussions often center provider responsibility at the expense of patient agency. We hope this tool will help patients better understand their pain management and empower them to advocate for themselves.

What it does

Find my dosage is a web application that helps surgical patients understand how their pain management plan compares to other patients who've had the same procedure without lifting the veil of anonymity.

We capture post-operative opioid prescriptions and patient perception of pain level and aggregate the information we collect to help provide users with a benchmark of what other patients receive. We're also scraping the web for the most up-to-date guidelines on opioid prescriptions so visitors don't have to. We also provide users with information about where and how to dispose of excess opioids.

How we built it

We built it with a little help from our newfound friends, mentors we met on site. We knew we wanted to create a web app, and we got started in Django. After that didn't work, we turned to Flask and were really excited to learn about a technique that was new to us. Flask became the backend core of our work, and while we were at times tempted to try to fall back on languages and skills that were familiar to us, we tackled the challenge head on and all of us learned something new in the process.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have ever worked on a full stack project before, and we struggled at first to conceptualize what that might look like. At times, we struggled to translate our thinking about user experience into implementation steps. We made peace with the fact that we didn't know what we didn't know and kept asking for support and proactively seeking out resources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all came here without a team and got together for the first time on Friday night. We supported one another through the hackathon process. Three of our five team members are first time hackathon participants and we're really proud that we were able to build something together.

What we learned

We learned to appreciate the process of working together, struggling together, and having breakthroughs together. While we were never shy about seeking help, we did get better at asking the questions we needed answered as we started to understand the logic of what we were doing.

What's next for Find my dosage

We'd love to add a module for physicians to help them better understand the patient experience with pain control so that they can optimize pain management after surgery.

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