We participated in the Opportunity Hackathon held at ebay/PayPal Bangalore center on Nov 8 and 9th. It was a special hackathon intended for NGO. About 23 NGOs collaborated for the event with around 150+ participants including external engineers, internal employees and students.

We volunteered for an NGO called Need Base India .This organization works on issues of care, protection and education for the children found in vulnerable situation. They had the requirement to track missing children. Currently in India there is a major challenge in handling missing children cases. About 170K children go missing every year in India. There is no centralized reporting and tracking system. We were motivated to work on this because of the criticality of the problem and the noble cause it serves. Our team came up with a web and mobile based application. This application provides below capabilities: · Report missing and found cases. · A machine learning based auto matching system to come up with probable matches · Notification system to alert users who have reported a missing case with probable matches. · Social integration · Donation support

Thanks to NGO teams, technical coaches and external jury who believed in the value of the product and the difference it can make to the society and awarded us with the first prize at the event.

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