One of the pillars of Islam dictate that every Muslim must pray 5 times a day while facing the sacred city of Mecca. Previously this required complex calculations using one’s location and the position of the sun, but now that’s all obsolete thanks to the power technology.

Find Mecca is one of the only apps that simultaneously combines the GPS, compass, and accelerometer sensors on your phone to determine your relative location to Mecca. Key features include:

-Compass Correction (Find Mecca automatically uses a digital compass to align itself. If you rotate your phone, the onscreen arrow will spin too.) -Accelerometer Correction (Find Mecca uses the accelerator to adjust the onscreen compass, so the interface remains intuitive and easy-to-use no matter how you orient your phone.) -Calculating Distance to Mecca (Find Mecca uses a complex algorithm derived from the haversine formula to calculate how far you must travel to reach Mecca. This is perfect while on the hajj.)

Even with this simultaneous data-processing, Find Mecca runs smoothly and has a minimal effect on battery life, but the iOS 7 support sets the app apart even more. Find Mecca is not just compatible with iOS 7. It’s been designed from the ground up so that it mimics the theme and functionality of iOS 7, so it feels like an app that should come with your device. Before you even open the app, you can spot the minimalistic icon that shows what the app is about without any unnecessary gradients or distractions. After tapping on the icon, this design is continued inside the app. Thin text and thin lines on simple colors cleanly display what you need to know and are designed to direct your attention as fast and effectively as possible. Immediately, the app gets to work, making hundreds of calculation to satisfy it’s purpose, without requiring any user interaction whatsoever. And instead of cluttering the main screen with unnecessary details, an about page neatly lists all relevant information. Even here, the function of the app is preserved as you can peek through the semitransparent background to see where the icon is pointed. Yet, one thing is certain. Find Mecca’s simplistic design packs a big punch.

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