Many people come to perform hajj every year and as a common problem people get lost in crowds and time is of essence in locating a person that has gone missing. We aspire to make the process of finding lost people in hajj and reporting them easier and faster.

What it does

-Report a Lost pilgrim
-Add a Lost pilgrim
-Search for a lost pilgrim
easy to use
built as a web page to be compatible with many devices.

How we built it

Using laravel framework, we will create forms that will be submitted by people to report about or search for a lost person in hajj.

Challenges we ran into

The time limit of the submissions.
Designing it so the web page would look good on mobile phones.
Trying to focus on the project in a crowded and a noisy place.
Coming up with an idea and looking for information because none of the team members have performed hajj.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the design and start working on the project in a short period.
Creating a simple logo that represents our ideas.
Coming up with a unique idea that is not repeated and useful at the same time and we can improve it.

What we learned

each member of our team taught another member a skill she knows in laravel or in designing.
how to manage time and divide the work between team members.

What's next for Find me

Add image matching feature to display possible matchings for a lost person image.
Adding location retrieved from gps and displaying info on a graphical map.
Add support for more languages.

Notes regarding code

All code in the GitHub repo submitted are developed during the hackathon by the team members.
The style was a bootstrap open source design and we modified it to suit our project. Original style code can be found below:


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