Team Name: FindLocalOrganicProduce


Discord: snowy88666 #6572


DiamondHack's React Workshop and categories! Buying locally grown food is good for the environment, local business, and your health!

What it does

Users can enter their zip code to search for businesses that sell local organic produce.

How we built it

Followed the React Workshop by DiamondHacks and used w3schools for additional features.

Challenges we ran into

Relatively new to coding so most of this was completely new to me. Thus, I struggled a bit with following the workshop, and especially with adding additional features--particularly positioning the slideshow (the arrows just would not go in the right place!), figuring out where to put code (which file?), and some careless mistakes (whoops, those double quotes were what was causing the error!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time using React, making an actually somewhat useful project that looks decent :)

What we learned

Came into DiamondHacks only knowing basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Learned how to use React, Yelp, and Postman (+ learning what an API is) amongst many other things

What's next for Find Local Organic Produce

Making the slideshow change its information every day/week, allowing users to sort results by rating, visually showing which businesses are currently closed, etc.

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