We see VR as a huge potential platform for education. The inspiration for this project stemmed from a desire to visualize relationships between domains of knowledge. Since this is a hackathon, and since we were short on team members, we had to evolve our idea into something that we felt we could implement in 48 hours. Consequently, our application doesn't organize information spatially, but we were able to implement a fun spin-off idea from our original inspiration.

What it does

The application populates our application's universe with nodes that represent pieces of information related to movies. Each node is able to be traversed. The player starts in a random location within our "universe", and then has to traverse the nodes to find a path to Kevin Bacon =).

How I built it

We used unity and C#.

Challenges I ran into

On Friday, we had 5 team members; however, two of them ran into illnesses and could no longer attend the hackathon. That limited us to three developers (myself included) who are all new to unity and C#!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that we were able to accomplish what we could given our setbacks and limited experience. Also, we had a good time!

What I learned

One of our members bought an HTC Vive on Friday, so he got to learn for the very first time how to set up the Vive and develop for the Vive. Other things we learned include...

  • The lake doesn't make for a good replacement of a shower... it is very cold.
  • Macbook airs get hot enough for you to cook a steak when running unity.
  • Focus first on the end to end experience, then touch up the product with details.

What's next for Find Kevin Bacon

What's next would be a better interface for viewing information about the nodes (For example, a popup display with information about a node, actor, etc.). Also, the graph could be populated by much more data, which would make the "trivia" aspect of the game a better experience.

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