For university students, there is nothing better than getting free food, but as we learned, it's hard keeping track of 'free food events'. As cheesy as it sounds, this was our lightbulb moment, and we found a need that we could fulfil.

We started off by trying to create an app that essentially notifies you of 'free food' near you. It quickly became obvious that we are focusing on a way too niche market; why don't we extend this to allow users to crowdsource all sorts of events? This is when Find It was born play dramatic music.

Find It allows users to post all sorts of events, ranging from large concerts to just a quick game of 5v5. Users are provided with a real-time list of all events within a certain (to be determined) radius of themselves.

One of our biggest challenges in developing Find It was that our entire team comprised of first timers with very little hands-on programming experience; this slowed us down significantly, and hence we weren't able to implement all the features we set out to have, and for now we only have a proof of concept.

We want users to be able to create groups/communities and have the option to share an event only with that community. For example, the CSSU could post an event to the UofT community for their next breakfast. All users within the UofT community would now be able to see that event, and unlike Facebook Events, it won't be drowned in memes. Similarly, users would also retain the ability to create public events, and notify all users within, let's say, a 2km radius, allowing them to draw in massive crowds! Users would also have the option of giving an event a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down', and over time we aim to develop an algorithm that sorts events by various factors including, but not limited to proximity, ratings, and crowd size. Oh and obviously, we'd do a complete overhaul of the design!

The possibilities are boundless, and we really believe Find It could change the way people find things to do!

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