Find it! is a hidden object game. You look through the environment to find all the purple cubes needed to finish the game. The way you move through the world is by possessing yellow objects. Some are large and make you feel big, some are small and let you see in nooks and crannies. Sometimes the yellow objects take you on rides to new areas. Its all about discoverying new paths through the world and enjoying the fun along the way.


  • Look around the world with your head.
  • Tap/Hold the touchpad to interact with objects (possessing or collecting objects).
  • Use the "Back" button to reset yourself back to the starting position.
  • No controller required


  • Searching the environment looking for the purple cubes to collect
  • Looking around for new yellow objects to possess to move around the world and get new perspectives to find more cubes.
  • Watching and remembering what happens in the environment to open new possession paths


Currently from whats implemented would be the player changing size as they possess different sized yellow objects. Makes them feel large or small.


I dont have a Gear VR, hopefully things actually work :\

Milestone 4 Update

Wow that month just flew past! As I'm sure most of you all found there was a lot that didnt get done. However Im not too disappointed with myself, I knew this was going to be a lot of work and between life, comitments and travelling overseas time wasn't going to be on my side. Im really happy with how much I managed to learn about Unity, after this month Im happy to move forward and use it for more game jams. I made great progress on learning to model and texture, unfortunately I havent got heaps of my models in the game as I used the store credit to buy some better assets but I feel confident moving forward.

So lets get into the things that didnt make it into the current build:

  • Interacting with the alien character
  • Any storyline
  • More varied content to really sell the small and large scenes
  • SOUND!!!
  • Actual things to find and not having to use coloured cubes on the last day...
  • The weird timerip where characters are animating for a few seconds and resetting so it better becomes a Wheres Wally book coming to life.

I spent a good chunk of time learning unity and making sure I built a good pipeline to build the game to run on mobile devices. Im happy with my texture atlasing, everything uses 1 material. Ive got some waypoint systems in to build better paths for the player to take. Unfortunately the level everyone will play was thrown together on the last day but its got some idea of whats going on. I am sad I never got to write any dialog for the alien and get him to interact with the player but I'll leave that for another day.

So the idea fell very short of what I would of loved to accomplish but it just means I have some work to do after this jam! Hopefully I'll really get to fatten the idea out so I get all that story and silly scenes into the proper game. Also more interesting paths for the player to find with plenty of secrets.

Well I had so much fun making this game. I finally feel like I've learnt enough to be confident in using Unity for the next game jam and be able to spend more time making an awesome game :D

Good luck to everyone in the compo, cant wait to see all the games!

Original Post

A hidden object game where you are finding things for an alien whose on a crash course to earth. You’re stuck in a 5 minute destruction loop trying to find everything on the checklist. The only way to move through the world is with this alien power where you can only possess red things. Now you can see the world through their perspective, big or small. Jump between objects and learn the patterns of the world to open new paths. With your help hopefully this alien will save the earth and we can enjoy the rest of our sunday afternoon.

Inspiration for the game is coming from the 'Where's Wally' and 'I Spy' books, the Katamari Damacy games and the Groundhog day movie.

What I'm hoping people find interesting is looking around the environment and enjoying the detail and stories they can pull from all the objects added. When possessing large and small objects it will scale the view accordingly and people should get a different perspective on the world from all sorts of objects, be it a small red bird or a large red billboard. Feeling scale in VR is very important. The final thing I want people to enjoy is exploring and discovering the environment. Finding that a person is opening their blinds every 30s and possessing the red lamp inside their apartment, or possessing a bird as it flies off to the ocean. I want people to enjoy finding new paths that show more of the world and the silly humour within it.

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