each student have a problem to find an internship offer especially in summer holiday to learn about the world of work

What it does

"Find internship" is a web platform that helps students and enterprises to communicate :

  • students can search for internships offered by the enterprises, submit to internship offers, evaluate enterprises
  • enterprises can add new offers, accept students and evaluate their performance ## How I built it For the front-end part, we used Bootsratp, html, css, JavaScript For the back-end, we used Laravel framework,PhpMyAdmin
    For the design we used Adobe illustrator for the logo. ## Challenges I ran into The main problem we ran into is the fact that we didn't have the required skills to implement the application,this project is our first in a Hackathon. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of we are proud of making a platform to link students with companies and facilitate search for offers. ## What I learned We had a great experience,working in a team,leaning new technologies ## What's next for "Find internship" We want to create premium accounts for companies to personalize forms to apply and search for a specific profile

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