Inspiration - StockX Challenge - when browsing the site we realized that we could not search the site for shoes that have been worn by famous influencers. Influencers run the streetwear market, so being able to search by your favorite influencer helps out customers and Stockx

What it does - Uses a hash map to link influencer names to products, then see if Stock x carries the shoe in your size. If input doesnt match a hash map entry, generate a random shoe and check size

How we built it: We used the fetch API to get the products JSON object, then parse the object to find the products and Sizes available. the javascript function is triggered by submitting text through a simple HTML file

Challenges we ran into: Both of us are new to Javascript, neither of us have used an API before, CORS access denied at the last moment, issues syncing front end and back end, etc

Accomplishments that we're proud of: learned a lot about javascript in a few days, We were able to get the API request working, the js file returns the result that we want in the console. Had a fun time learning about how node and npm can mess up a lot of things if you have no idea what you are doing.

What we learned: Javascript is hard, APIs have a level of access complexity that

What's next for Find influencer: get past the CORS denial, render the image of the shoe on the HTML page, Polish the HTML page

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