We were inspired to learn about the programming that goes behind making a skill for Alexa and wanted to use the functionality to provides a way to make life a little easier.

What it does

Ask "Information about (Any specific MLH hackathon) " and it will return the date and summary of the event.

How I built it

We wrote the code initially in Sublime Text, then pasted it into Amazon Web Service's interface.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was coming up with an idea, but after it struck us we were presented with many challenges to get our Javascript code to pull values from our intended intent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we could not access our intended data we wanted to be spoken, we were extremely proud when we got our first practice skill to work on the Echo

What I learned

node.js AWS Lambda Expressions

What's next for Find Future Hackathon with Alexa

We plan on finally getting it to pull values from the initial call for the skill and learn more about data scraping to prevent manual hard coding of new data.

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