When I checked out the cool features of "Intelligent Headset", a game quickly come to my mind - find the invisible cow (http://findtheinvisiblecow.com) . In the game, the player explores the screen with the mouse and tries to find the invisible cow by listening to the "cow" sound. Wouldn't it be really cool if we hear the position of the cow with the headset, and walk towards it? When we got Intelligent Headset in our hands and started playing with some sample apps, we were very impressed that we can almost "see" where the sound comes from. It also made us life much easier that the API is simple and clear. Our biggest challenge in making our own version of the game is to make the game fun and playable. Despite not being able to accurately track the player's location, we come up with the idea to let the player run on the virtual field. We are very proud that once we put on the headset, we feel we're in very real jungle, desert, and city when chased by a gun, even with our eyes closed. Our targeted user are people who are interested in virtual reality and experience an new kind of game experience.

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