💭 Inspiration💭

We know what it's like to be indecisive about where to eat (trust us, we're both extremely indecisive), so we created a solution that'll solve just that!

🍴 What it does 🍴

For all the indecisive people, our program will randomly select a restaurant as well as recommend the highest rated restaurant in the given radius! If neither of these satisfy your cravings, Find Dine will then provide you a full list of restaurants in the area.

🔨 How we built it 🔨

We wanted to work with a coding language that was familiar to both of us, hence we used Python. The IDE we chose is called Visual Studio Code which has a live sharing tool that made collaboration a breeze. Lastly, to make our code come together, we used Google's Geocoding API to turn the inputted location into coordinates. Along with that, we gathered filters based on additional user inputs to then generate the restaurants using Google's Places API.

😭 Challenges we ran into 😭

We are both fairly new to coding and this is our first ever hackathon! That being said, we have never worked with API's so it took a good chunk of our time learning the uses and functions. As a result, we never had the time to create an interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  2. We incorporated something we've never used or learnt about before into out code.
  3. We pushed ourselves to use something outside of our comfort zones.
  4. We persevered till the end.

📚 What we learned 📚

  1. We learned about APIs and how to work with them.
  2. How to use Git and GitHub properly and effectively.

🔮 What's next for Find Dine 🔮

We would like to finish an interface to get our code out to the public one day (hopefully an app so we can take this to go)! As well as incorporate a way for the program to retrieve a user's location by itself, rather than them typing it in.

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