Is the world's population related with the world's forest area and CO2 emissions? What's the relationship between USA's energy use and USA's GDP growth? Will Japan's export influence China's industry? Well, let's find correlation of the world! Let's see who can find the most correlated indicator pair! A correlation coefficient is a numerical, descriptive measure of the strength of the linear relationship between two variables. Values for the correlation coefficient range between -1 and +1, with a correlation coefficient of +1 indicating that the two variables have a perfect, upward-sloping (+) linear relationship and a correlation coefficient of -1 showing that the two variables are perfectly related in a downward-sloping, (-) linear sense. A correlation coefficient of 0 demonstrates that the variables have no relationship, and are independent. About FindCorrelation 1 This tool provide a interesting way to show indicator information for all countries/income levels/regions. 2 You can calculate correlation coefficient between any two indicators of any two countries/income levels/regions. Thus, this tool can help us to find some potential relations around the world, which can help to understand the world, reveal some underlying problems and achieve some Millennium Development Goals. 3 You can comment on each correlation, and post correlation information to Facebook. We can raise awareness of Millennium Development Goals by our own words. Properties of FindCorrelation 1 It provides a powerful desktop based on World Bank Data Widget API. Each indicator is shown as a widget in desktop. 2 It utilizes World Bank Data REST API to fetch information from World Development Indicators Dataset to calculate correlation coefficient. 3 It utilizes FaceBook Connect API to provide social functionalities. Indicator pair of most correlated will shown as top items. Wish more users involve in and compete to find correlation of the world.

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