We were inspired by the many local Chapel Hill artists who are difficult to come across. We want it to be easier for people in the area to discover new music and for artists to put their name out there.

What it does

This website takes user input, coming from an artist, to publish their band name, location, and social media. This information is then stored on the site with other artists who have published their information.

How we built it

We used a starter code package on glitch, a static react website example, and reworked it for our purposed. The language was reactjs, a mix html, javascript, and react. We created a form in react to take in the user information, and then created a table to display the data.

Challenges we ran into

All of the member in our group were new to making websites, using react, and had little to no experience in the language we were using. Everything we accomplished was learned over the course of the past 24 hours. Our biggest challenge was getting the data to be persistent on the page. With the starter code structure we used, we found that adding a database was incredibly difficult. So, we decided to use a ydoc for the purposes of the Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to make the website aesthetically pleasing and used different effects to move pictures, highlight words, and change colors of letters. Our big accomplishment was getting the data from our form to be stored after being entered and have different data for each genre page.

What we learned

We learned how to use react, why databases are important for storing data, and how to take user input on a website. We have definitely now learned that a database is something to think of ahead of time if planning on storing data, but because of our challenges we also learned how to use ydocs.

What's next for Find Chapel Hill Artists

Find Chapel Hill Artists next steps would be to add a database to correctly store the data, and then using the data display the artists and their information in a bulletin board format. Other ideas we would like to add are featured artists, spotify links, and top song previews in the artists information box.

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