Find a Service Club Bot

for the 2018 Developer Circles Community Challenge

This project was built for the 2018 Developer Circles Community Challenge. This is our solution for enabling people to build and grow communities by leveraging the Messenger Platform to help people find local service clubs.

We use a Messenger Code to drive people from the offline world (pedestrians walking public streets or waiting at the bus stop) to our bot. Once the conversation is started, we provide two simple ways for the user to search for a service club.

1) Send their current location. 2) Provide their zip code or postal code. Partial postal codes are supported where possible because we realize that people may not want to provide their entire postal code.

We convert the data the user sends to GPS coordinates and search our database for the 5 closest clubs. Club information is displayed to the user in an easy to navigate template that shows a map with two pins, one for the user and one for the club. If a club has a website, there will be a "Visit website" button. There's a "More info" button which will show address and telephone information as well as the details of the next meeting information.

The persistent menu allows the user to easily restart their search at any time. We believe in the power of word of mouth advertising so we encourage our users to spread the word about our bot with a Share button in the persistent menu.

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