What It Does

In three different modes (scheduler, chat-bot information, and map) users can stay informed about what areas covid has seen increase and glance at how many people are in areas to avoid over gathering and rapid spread. In our scheduler, users can easily book events with friends and nearby neighbors that will show up on our map. Other users can publicly or if send directly to friends, view the virtual event and notify the host they can attend.

Our chat bot streamlines information from our covid data set (build free from google cloud) to assist users in finding areas with low occupancy. This allows users to reconnect with friends in person while taking precautions. We want to create a smooth transition to reopening and this app is aimed just at that!


During the reopening period within the U.S, cases began to go on the rise and new hotspot states appeared --- leaving many of us to wonder if we will ever return to normalcy and see each other physically. This app was designed with creating a safe and up to date information bank that users can access to make better-informed decisions about where they would like to go visit or hang out with each other at safe/no crowded spaces.

How We Built it

Richard (Website) - The website was mostly coded with HTML and CSS. Macarthur (Scheduler) - Created a SQL backed schedule and notification system Mo (AI Chatbot) - Created with the help of Google cloud's dialogue flow and JSON tools

Challenges We Faced

Having shared information and a secure database that could help all our information accessible was the biggest challenge. We were also experimentally a lot with keeping everything on google cloud and that took quite the effort.

What We Learned

We experimented with a lot of different types of technologies and Softwares. On the front end side, we experimented with some javascript libraries and SQL databases to connect with them. Using google cloud platform, we also had to learn some JSON and terminal commands for working with a remote servers. The scheduler required a lot of storage and authentication.

After the 1yr from this date you can probably see it at crimsontrife.com/nhwt(once I set that up).

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