In a world where women are disproportionately targeted by PONZI schemes, they often end up trapped and betrayed. Women’s participation in community groups is an important empowering factor as it enables women to increase their social capital and helps them to gain new knowledge, receive support, access a range of services (such as access to financial independence), and advocate for the required changes. These communities are instrumental in encouraging women to be their best selves and realizing that they are stronger when they come together. As women are gradually, but certainly trying to bridge the gap in the business industry, there are more opportunities for female entrepreneurs to climb the corporate ladder.

What it does

FinComm provides a platform to bring together such needy people, form a community and empower them. It brings in creditworthiness for the community members and interfaces with the Financial institutions.

How we built it

For Front end, we are using Angular 6 and ionic, for the backend development we are using .net core 3.2. The database that we use here is Azure SQL database. The file storage is done on azure blob containers and hosted on aws.

Challenges we ran into

Research for the real time data on the PONZI schemes Researching to find out existing community groups in the banking environments

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Excited that FINComm can help many women who have faced repercussions of getting trapped in multiple ways. The potential end users of FINComm will gain confidence over time , and will be safe in their crucial decision making processes . FINCOmm is a tool not only for the financial upbringing of the communities, but also for the social cause of societal empowerments. We believe FINComm will be a huge value add to progressive organizations in driving their diversity and inclusion agenda.

What we learned

We learnt to foresee a better world around us, where we understand that a step from each and every one of us for a social cause would help the society to be empowered and to be self and financially independent With dedication, hard work and patience, we also take with us the learning that we can define the technology like block chain models that are helpful for human beings to empower them in their daily life.

What's next for FINComm

FINComm addresses just one arena of unorganized women sector, who has low income with limited savings. There is a wide possibility of incorporating different sectors such as senior citizens, middle income people etc.

What's extra

FinComm foresees a bright future by bringing interactions between the community within the platform extended with Web 3.0.

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