Real life experience of wonderful customer support by a life-style product manufacturer, made me buy only their products. Even though I was owning a 10 year old product I was amazed by the care and support the company provided for such customers. This shows that customer will always be loyal when there is care in the service provided by the company.

What it does

Our Fincare+ supports proactive servicing by providing the FI employee the completely analyzed data results with pre-scripted conversation.

How I built it

Built it with visual studio on top of Fusion Phoenix and Fusion Workflow. It will refer to SQL Database.

Challenges I ran into

Identifying the right data for solving the use case.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team sync when conceptualizing the idea of Fincare+ and completing the project within the specified timelines. We are proud of building a competent product which cares for the customer.

What I learned*

The opportunity to understand the effort and time required to build an application as a team.

What's next for Fincare+

Fincare+ in its next level will interact even with third party products with Open APIs that supports customer data analysis in customer place too. In future Fincare+ will learn to predict the customer behavior pattern with Machine Learning. Data analysis will be fine tuned by adding more relevant information from other banking products.

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