Nowadays patients not only want to get cured, but be in full control over the course of their treatment. Making the right choices requires transparent access to the information. Hospital management also needs information about the patient satisfaction in order to provide the best service possible in the new health care system.

What it does

In short - FinCare provides follow-up care and gathers data in the process. The data is user for hospital reviews, management level analyses and Finnish health care system.

FinCare provides detailed information of the Hospitals - overall rating, queue length, distance, opening hours, customer reviews, average amount of time (from nurse to doctor). By providing this information, the patient is able to choose the clinic that best suits their needs. After the appointment, patient will receive regular check-ups of how they are feeling - is the medication working well, is the treatment suitable, is there side effects, did the doctor have accurate diagnosis. This information combined with hospital's feedback systems of customer experience provides a powerful data set. This data set is used to create even better clinic reviews. The data is also used by the hospital management and the public sector health care to optimize and develop services. Data gathered from one hospital can provide answers to other clinics. The data also gives management level valuable insight of the pain points in the hospital - the queues might be painfully long or some doctors might be constantly giving wrong diagnoses. This data is also used by the public health care management to make informed decisions about the next steps in Finnish healthcare. The data and information provides the flexibility and ability to do smart decisions in the new system.

Challenges I ran into

Accessing patient records and data can be slow and difficult - but it is possible. Also, getting used to filling check-up feedback forms is a change to current system and it might be challenging to get people filling forms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The connection between patient and management or public health service level is really crucial. To discover the strong connection was important for our product.

What I learned

We learned a lot about Finnish health care system and what it is about to look like in a couple of years. We also learned about designing for a rather specific and conservative field.

User case:

Anna has a fever and a terrible headache. She decides to see a doctor in order to get healthy again. Anna goes to FinCare webpage to seek for the hospital that meets her needs the best. She wants to visit the doctor with shortest queues in the nearest hospital and she also looks at the overall rating of the hospital. She decides to go to Meilahti hospital and books an appointment to a doctor. After the appointment, Anna gives a short review of her visit. After few days, Anna receives a check-up form of how the treatment is working and is the medication curing the symptoms. Anna tells that she still has fever but the medication really helps to the head ache. After few weeks Anna gets another check-up of how is she feeling. Anna responds that she is feeling well now and doctor’s appointment was helpful as the medication cured the symptoms really well. Anna was happy with the visit to hospital. The data provided by Anna is added to overall ratings of the Hospital and database used by hospital management. The data can be used to give better and more detailed reviews of the clinic.

Management case:

The hospital management is reading a weekly statistics report of the patient satisfaction rates and newly appeared pain points. The hospital manager notices that average queues are longer than they used to be and customers have been giving feedback of having a less positive visit than usual. The manager decides to find out what is behind the changes in order to balance out the situation and provide the better care to their patients. The Finnish public health care management notices the drop in patient satisfaction in Uusimaa region and decides to investigate the factors behind the decreased patient happiness. Without the versatile data sets, the nation wide change would remain unnoticed.

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