We came to the hackathon without an idea, but with a highly motivated team. After we arrived, we talked to all the sponsors about their APIs and services. Especially BlackRock, Taboola and Oracle convinced us of their services, so we decided to develop something in the area of finance, trends and artificial intelligence on cloud infrastructure. After some gimmicks with the APIs, we came up with several ideas. We than got inspired by an article of CNBC with the title "Random stock picking will beat S&P: Fund manager" (Link: This article describes that in some cases a random selection of stocks is better than a fund manager. We believe that through artificial intelligence and an analysis of trends we can develop a much better fund manager. We then did this in 24 hours.

What it does

We use the Taboola Trends API to discover the interesting topics. From the best topics we select 25. These 25 keywords are the terms that currently interest people most all over the world. We assume that there is a correlation between trends and stocks. For this reason we use the keywords to send them to the BlackRock Aladin API. There we get a portfolio of investment options. We generate a new fund from this list and evaluate its performance in advance. In the next step it is visualized and supplemented with hardware. In a later step, we want to offer direct investment in our Trend Funds.

How we built it

We have used the following technologies:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • BlackRock Aladin API
  • Taboola Trends API
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • PHP, composer
  • Laravel framework
  • TypeScript
  • Hardware (Sensors, Speakers, Lights)

Challenges we ran into

We have used various technologies. Both hardware and software were used in our project. We took care of a good division of labour right from the start. Terina did the Hardware, Johannes did the Frontend and the connection to our API and Marcel did the Backend. Below is a list of the technologies used.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We built something that really works. We got used to new topics and had a lot of fun. We got along well as a team and developed a financial application that could potentially outperform many fund managers. Our application combines the best technologies from outstanding companies in trends / advertising and finance. We believe that with our technology we can help large financial companies become more profitable and bring more technology into their business.

What we learned

We learned how to use the BlackRock Aladin API. We also got to know Taboola and its API. Sometimes it was not so easy to find the right data and to use the API efficiently. Working with the Oracle cloud infrastructure was particularly difficult because we had never worked with enterprise clouds before. We also used hardware in our hack that worked really well. Overall, we are super satisfied with what we have achieved.

What's next for FinCapital

We want to focus even more on finance and see if we can develop even better tools for banks and financial institutions. Banks are faced with a major challenge as digitalisation progresses. That's why we believe that a hack like ours will help develop a new idea for the financial industry.

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