As newcomers to the world of stock trading, we have difficulty understand the complicated algorithms used in the stock market. We identified 3 difficulty trying to learn these algorithms ourselves online:

  1. It is time-consuming to read through pages and pages of articles with unfamiliar terminology,
  2. The examples provided are often way too simple to be applicable in the real-world market.
  3. There is no easy way to get an interactive visual display without experience with coding, which can be a barrier to many people. **We realized that when it comes to learning algorithmic trading, finding ways to visualize and interact with them in the real world context is the best approach. **Therefore, we wanted to create a platform, where anyone who are trying to learn more about the intricate stock market, could visualize what each algorithm does in the real world stock market. ## What it does Finberty allows the user to visualize algorithmic trading data that is often difficult to conceptualize. It pulls stock market data from the alpha-ventage API and generates graphs of each data sets along with the high-level data generated by algorithms. Users can pick from companies they are interested in, and learn how each algorithm functions in the real-world stock market. ## How we built it Front-end: set up a website with responsive design Integration: import graphs generated from backend via iframe Back-end: Obtain stock market data from the alpha-ventage API, write algorithms and use Python to generate graphs ## Challenges we ran into At the front end, the biggest challenge is to learn the SASS framework in order to run the desired animation on our webpage. It is also challenging to reorganize the layout after finding it is incompatible in certain browser and screen sizes. At the back-end, the can only update 5 times per minute. Since we want to update 6 stock data, the system would crash. We spent a day trying to debug this problem. In the end, we made the system to update 1 time every 12 seconds so the system can run smoothly ## Accomplishments that we're proud of At the front-end, we spent hours fixing the layout after finding out the layout is incompatible in certain browser and screen sizes. In the end, we were able to learn flex display with CSS and build a responsive website without compromising the design. At the back-end, we are proud that we solved the bug regarding the update frequency. We are able to allow the data to be shown quickly even it is the most up to date data ## What we learned
  4. Workflow of working with Git and GitHub
  5. Working with SASS framework and output it as a CSS file
  6. Designing a responsive layout that can adapt into different screen sizes with flex display
  7. Gain knowledge regarding the stock market and algorithmic trading
  8. Learn how to use Dash and Plotly ## What's next for Finberty We hope to expand on the number of algorithms introduced on the website. With more time, we can create content that teaches the user the concept behind each algorithm and how to read each graph. The teaching would be aided by the visualization that has already been created in the prototype. Our final phase would be to create a library of finance algorithms where people can learn about each algorithm, and they can import their own data to visualize the result of each algorithm.

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