Our inspiration for the Avatar idea sparked from the personalization of the airport services to adjust to the needs of distinctive type of travelers Finavia had identified. We mapped out the customer journeys of through personas and identified common pain points which we would try to solve.

A lot of people experience anxiety in some phase of their journey and we'd like to reduce that stress and anxiety that is related to airports. We are aware that this anxiety can be particularly intense among foreign travelers speaking rare languages. You can trust Finaviatar's help and seek for assurance when ever you need unsure. Whether it is just locating the business class lounge to do some work before your travel or find a nice coffee shop or your favourite parfume. Finaviatar will guide you through and make sure that you will make it on your flight.

We had a good mix of different traveller types in our group; a frequent business traveller who wants to be as efficient as possible, a lifestyle traveller who enjoys spending time at the airport before her next adventure, a customer service minded flight attendant who has experience of distinctive passenger types and needs and also an environmental consious traveller, who seeks to travel only when necessary.

What our airport service does

Finaviatar is there to help through out your journey at the airport and tries to make most out of your experience and travel. Finaviatar will answer your questions and alert you, if there is something you should know or suggest something you would possibly like to do. We want the passengers to feel that they are receiving personalised advice on how to go through all the steps of their trip and how to enjoy their time in the airport.

How we built it

We used the moodboard method to define "smooth traveling" and ideate how we wanted our interface to be. We used old fashioned pen and paper to build our personas and their customer journeys. We used Sketch, InDesign and Photoshop to visualize our Finaviatar service in airport context.

Challenges we ran into

The ideating phase generated a lot of ideas in our group and it was challenging to draw down to a single problem and solution. We had struggle agreeing on the final design for our solution and the way to pitch our idea, for there also were lots of ideas there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the thinking process and utilizing everyone’s know how in the process. We came to a conclusion together and were all excited to work on the topic chosen.

What we learned

It was important to talk with the Finavia representatives and have a common understanding of their customers’ pain points. It is also important to take regular breaks, get some fresh air and get to know your team mates and connect on a personal level. Having the time to do brainstorming, as well as individual thinking is good for the process zoom in and out.

Business model

Who is this service for?

‘Availability of information in one’s language’ was quoted as a concern by 10% of the Japanese travelers surveyed in Helsinki Airport Flight Passenger study, 11% of the Chinese and 16% of the Russian. Our new service adresses their needs, as well as other travelers who speak rare dialects and may have trouble finding their way in the airport (India has more than 2,000 dialects!).

This service more generally addresses the general population of time-anxious travelers who will value reassurance through their journey in the airport.

What value does it create?

  • Value for foreign passengers

First, our service creates a smoother customer experience to travelers whose language is not well represented in the airport. Providing them with all the information about their flight and Helsinki airport will provide them independance and tranquility of mind during their stay at the airport.

Second, this airport service will be time-saving both for the user and for the airport staff, since there will be less urgency in fetching airport hosts speaking a specific language or stuggling with translations. This is particularly valuable for the traveler’s customer experience in times of rush or during short connexions.

Finally, this new service will generate attractivity for Helsinki airport as an international connexion hub simplifying the journeys of its travelers. This service is in line with the airport strategic goals of providing smart services and smooth traveling for every travelers.

  • Value for anxious passengers

This service will more generally address the concerns of anxious passengers (first-time or low-frequency travelers) who will value having an assistant to guide them through the entire trip process (packing, getting to and navigation in the airport, notification of possible delays…).

How does it stand out from competition?

There are few translation services available in airports. SAS or Finnair airlines do have translation services for instances, but those are restricted to the airline customers and limited to a few languages only. Such services are providing very general information that aren’t adapted to the traveler’s needs and personal preferences.

Our service provides personalized guidance based on the travel group (business team, family, friends…) as well as individual tastes. It also provides a multilingual guidance based on AI.

What's next for Finaviatar

We hope that Finaviatar will take off and help the passenger to have a smoother experience and make the most of their time at the airport. We hope, that in the future Finaviatar will be guiding you through out your journey recognices your face, speaks your language, rememebers your past travels and can give out suggestions based on those and take your persona into consideration and personalize the customer service just for you.

We see an increasing need for service personalization and want to offer unique assistance.

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