Finavia excursion, initial ideas and tools

Two of our team members had visited Finavia airport during the excursion, and during which they came up with some ideas for the challenge. They both wanted to improve the experience of transfer passengers, because such passengers spend a lot of time in the gate area and at the airport in general.

We chose to use LSC Immersion canvas to come up with ideas for the transfer travellers by comparing Helsinki Airport with other outstanding airports, and use LSC Ideation canvas to pick ideas to work on.

Our initial problem and solution

According to the provided materials, International passengers at Helsinki airport wanted more development in resting facilities. Moreover, from the file about the customer journey we saw the word “boredom” in relation to the passengers’ experience after the security check, a.k.a at the gate area.

How can we create something that can be fun and exciting, but also very relaxing? What would transfer passengers want? Maybe a place to rest and also experience a bit of Finnish culture? A quiet and relaxing room with Northern lights and nature sounds where you can lay down? Sauna? Finnish forest inside the airport? Inspirations for this idea were Incheon Airport and Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Our idea was to create exceptional Finnish experience for transfer passengers who for one reason or another cannot go to explore the city. Even though these passengers are not going to spend time exploring Finland this time, they might get a glimpse of what Finland or Finnish culture is like, and, perhaps, consider staying in Finland next time.

In order to develop this idea, we decided to focus on a particular group of passengers - Chinese travellers. We created customer profile and mapped out customer journey of different Chinese passengers.

New challenge and taking a new turn

Now we have this cool idea about providing the Finnish experience to the passengers, but how do we tell them about it? How can they learn about these wonderful experience? If you want people to try out services and facilities, you need to tell about them first. But finding a way to do it effectively is a challenge. Communicating information has been a big problem for Finavia.

Developing the “Finnish experience” concept would have taken a lot of time, plus, other teams were working on a similar problem. So we decided to solve the information communication problem instead.


Our Chinese team members called their parents to interview them about how they travel and how they prefer to get information about their travel. Their parents are good representatives of a common type of Chinese passenger at Helsinki Airport: middle aged and usually travel in a group. From the four interviews we learned that Chinese passengers trust information on official accounts on WeChat, they enjoy downloadable media they can access offline like a PDF file about the airport before departure, they appreciate audio guides, and they would prefer to plan their time at the airport already on the plane. Another thing we learned from the talks is that QR codes are incredibly common in China. Even street food vendors use them.

Final concept - small solution for BIG problem

Our final concept is the Finavia QR-code "Finavia behind a QR-code" and WeChat as a channel to reach the Chinese passengers before arriving at the airport. The best thing about our solutions is that it can be implemented TODAY already and the results are seen tomorrow!

QR code

QR codes are wonderful to just open a page or pay for service in seconds. Especially for Finavia this is a great opportunity to get information to people through WeChat, because instead of having to look for Finavia’s WeChat(and hopefully not confuse it with Finnair WeChat) and having to download something, Chinese passengers can now scan the code and get all the information they want in seconds.

We noticed that Finavia is doing cooperation with Beijing airport so that would be perfect way to get the QR-code to Chinese passengers before arriving to Helsinki Airport.

Suggestions improvement for current official account of Finavia on WeChat & Benchmarking

We used several WeChat channels of Zurich Airport, Incheon Airport and Chinese companies to come up with suggestions on WeChat for Finavia. The suggestions include the changing the greeting text and adding extra information on button navigation.

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