Look around you! Many people in companies make professional expenses. All these expenses are generating a lot of paperwork and a big waste of time.

We decided to invent the most innovative payment card in the world and to add ticketless technology.

This is the future of payment : easy, realtime, ecologic !

What it does


Company managers can now confidently give configurable bank cards to each employee or to each department. Cardholder have a dedicated and secure space, accessible through web and mobile to track, justify and manage his business expenses. The expenses incurred by the employees are linked to the company’s bank account, eliminating the need to make repayments by transfer.

55 INNOVATIVE FEATURES All features are 100% configurable in real time.

Reporting and control Comprehensive history of card transactions in real time with filters that can accurately search and extract bank transactions, exportable onto four possible formats for accounting softwares (with or without supporting documents).

Configurable limits Set up payment and/or withdrawal limits per day, week and/or month. Define the number of allowed transactions per day. The card is the only card on the market that can be configured to have no limit.

Security Impose 3D-Secure, block/unblock cards in real-time, and activate/deactivate any of the following: payments in specific countries, ATM withdrawals, contactless, withdrawals, transactions in foreign currencies, internet payments, or cancel the card directly from mobile.

Up-to-date proof-of-payments Mandatory proof-of-purchase uploading (without proof, the card is blocked), intelligent reading of receipts to extract amounts, VAT and number of guests per meal, and automatic categorization of expenses.

Real time notifications For each transaction or crossing of a configured limit, a notification is received in real time by the cardholder.

Block and authorize spending It is possible to block the use of the debit card on: • certain days of the week and/or certain time-slots, • certain keywords or categories of transactions and, invertedly, authorize the card only with specific merchants.

Ticketless technology We have done an API that let all merchant to send the ticket of the transaction to bank. This solution could stop the print of billions of tickets !!

How we built it

With love and passion

We have a solution on the top of the Core Banking, we are connecting it with APIs to get the balance of the bank account and are able to know if the transaction can be.

PHP / vue.js / SQL / Docker / Azure / Java / Jpos

Challenges we ran into

It is a great challenges to discover in a few hours a totally new Core Banking solution and to plug in and succeed to match two visions of the way to providing great solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The best UX OCR Solution The coolest team Realtime technology A great payment server Ticketless technology that can save millions of trees !

What's next for Finastra brings you into the future of payment

Our goal is to find, with the help of Finastra, banks that can adopt our solution. These banks will be able to offer all their customers this innovative real-time control solution and put an end to the painstaking management of expense claims.

Our solution is ready and waiting for Finastra to be deployed ;)

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