Our app is a personal finance app targeted towards the age group of people between 16 to 24 years old.

It educates our targeted population with basic financial literacy knowledge that is essentially not widely taught in school.

FinApp comes in two packs! It has a mobile version -- iOS app -- as well as a desktop version -- a website. (We want to educate both the iOS and non-iOS group! :)

Within our team, we were separated into the development of the iOS app and the website. We helped each other out as a team and received a lot of help from mentors and peers in the hackathon! (Special shoutout to everyone who helped! Thank you! :)

The greatest challenge that we faced was probably the fact that team members were not on site for the entire time, so we had to communicate remotely and keep each other posted on the Slack channel. The communication and implementation process was definitely the most difficult part. However, we did it! :)

We are proud that we came together as a team! Since we all attend different universities or graduated from the university!

Of course, we learned a lot of technical skills, but we are also very proud that we were able to come together as a team and work together to complete this app even though we did not know each other before, we had different time schedules, etc.

FINALLY!!! Stay tuned for the version 2.0 of FinApp! Where we will be featuring an interactive personal budget calculator! With FinApp, your personal finance shall be LIT!

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