Learning about finances growing up is hard, and we're often not taught about these things so our goal was to make learning about finances simpler and more engaging.

What it does

Financity is a platform for children to learn about finances in the real world. We have simplified tasks that adults deal with in their daily lives so that kids can begin to learn some of the most important lessons that are not taught in school.

Our application lets kids stay engaged while learning about finances. A glimpse of what you can do on Financity include choosing a career, buying a house, buying a car, and more. After performing actions on the interface the user can answer questions about what they've learned from those respective actions. Answering questions can earn a user money to continue building their investment.

We used a Realtor API to bring up real homes and prices to be able to purchase a home. We then connected the Capital One API to be able to purchase homes based on the prices, and the sandbox account created on sign up. Furthermore, we leveraged this API to allow for stock trading and investments within the app.

How we built it

We used node.js and express with MongoDB for this application. We also provided real local real estate properties for sale by accessing the class city and state fields from the classroom code kids use to sign up; this endpoint was created using the Realtor API. We also provide kids with the ability to make a financial transaction when buying a house, being awarded for answering a question correctly, or investing in stocks by using the CapitalOne API. For stock transactions, we used the yahoo-finance node package to be able to access historical data and stock quotes.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a user interface that was user friendly and engaging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Design and implementation of UI and APIs

What we learned

Figma, APIs

What's next for Financity

We would like to create a ranking system as well as an unexpected events trigger. For the events trigger, kids will be randomly given a notification which will give them details about an unexpected event. This can cause either a financial profit or loss, and kids will be able to make financial decisions based on what the event outcome was.

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