We live in a reality in which 69% of adults between the ages of 18 and 29.33% of adults between 30 and 49.26% of adults between 50 and 54, and 14% of adults over 65 have disregarded the key part of earning: saving. As this population demographic expands and grows in age, it risks debt into the final years of their lives, and that's when they need their income the most. The US National Library of Medicine estimates that after the age of 50, health care costs are five times that of young adults. This is unacceptable, but it gets worse. For those that choose to place their spare earnings into a savings account do so without the knowledge that they are potentially (or very likely) losing money due to inflation. The average inflation rate over a ten year period is 1.6%, and the Annual Percentage Yield of a regular savings account from Bank of America is 0.01%. Our money is becoming devalued while sitting in the bank significantly faster than we are accruing interest. There has to be a better way. And we discovered the solution, we can re-imagine banking by re-imagining the upscale potential of investment. We introduce a application to financially stabilize the lives of the masses: Financialize.

The app takes in basic information about the customer's monthly income and average monthly spending based on their credit card bill, mortgage, utilities, car loan, student debt, etc from their bank account. Then, with the remaining money for the month, a certain amount is sent into savings based on the fact that by 35, most people should have a year's salary worth in savings. The excess will be used to invest in stocks. Using the customer's age, we can recommend the amount of risk best to take. Now, using a specific amount of money and the risk, we are now ready to invest money is stocks. This is where the next portion of our app takes the spotlight. An algorithm has been defined to take in the yearly volatility and average growth rate of a security that gives the risk involved with investing in the stock. A portfolio is given to the user with securities from many different industries to ensure that they have choice in where their money goes since companies within the same industry tend to follow the same growth trends. Thus, a higher diversity of industries is likely to be safer and more effective.

Through easy-to-visualize graphs and charts, any user can see the potential of their investment, and they even have the opportunity to customize their portfolio.

Financialize can financially stabilize the masses.

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