There so many times that we see most of the applications developed are just not accessible enough for people with disabilities but we came into hackathon wanting to do something that could leverage and help someone with inaccessibility.

That's when we thought of creating something out of the box thinking to help people with visual disabilities. We thought of creating Voice assistant which would solely interact with the user with speech and be intelligent enough to have an adaptive conversation and allow them to manage their finances by maintaining a budget. But that wasn't all when we thought of also incorporating ML methodologies to put the savings from the budget into a predictive stock market bot.

What it does

We built an application which uses Google's Speech API and TTS to interact adaptively with the user to manage their finances in a systematic manner to form a budget. We also added Machine Learning functionality to train the module with stock trading data for last 5-6 months to come up with predictions for which stocks are best to buy and sell based on your savings.

How we built it

We used a lot of APIs like GTTS, pyglet, Flask, etc to first build individual components of the project and then integrate them together one by one incrementally. Google and our urge to learn and build something was a huge motivator and help in last 24 hours

Challenges we ran into

Well, firstly we did have a lot of problems with function specification for this wide and large project which includes Speech Recognition and text to speech in a natural voice, manipulating the data retrieved from the user and trying to converge the data visualization to predict stock in the current market. The biggest precursor to this was out lack of knowledge about API's that we used, ML algorithms and inexperienced to complete such a scaled project in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to see how we stick together despite all the problems of inexperience and lack of time to set our goals and most importantly accomplish them. We learnt a great deal of new knowledge in less time and put use to it which helped us realize that you have enough passion you can accomplish anything

What we learned

We came into hackathon with a lot of confidence and diligence to apply our skills to something cool and useful. But on the way towards our goal in this journey of continuous 24 hours, we learned that there is nothing more important than Team coordination. We did quickly realize that you just cannot do all by yourself. There is a great deal of time management and efficiency that helps when you peer program and help each other accomplish common goals That's is something that we valued the most.

What's next for Financial Voice

We hope to hone our skills more with our path towards helping people with disabilities and accessibilities and Financial Voice would be our essentially first step towards our motto. We think that we could bring in more improvements with using AWS and IBM Watson for natural voice interaction and also increase our app's productivity by adding more ML and AI modules, stock trading is one of them.

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