Good, common financial sense is not something taught in schools, and one of the topics not formally discussed when families raise their children. People are often left to fend for themselves to figure financial common sense through experience, often painful, and people often get discouraged. So we came up with this simple game to simulate some life choices throughout a person's adult life and encourage balancing your responsibilities.

Multiple areas in life will compete for your attention and sometimes you have to prioritize one over the other. Finances aren't just about a number in your bank account. Choosing how you use your money impacts both you and those around you in an emotional way as well.

Can you make the right decisions to survive the entire game?

What it does

The game throws different situations that requires you to make a choice. You can either agree to do something or refrain from it, and this has consequences on three areas of your life's responsibilities.

How we built it

Unity hub to collaborate and visualize the front-end UI of the game with C# writing for scripts.

Challenges we ran into

All members are inexperienced with learning an entirely new software and working together for the first time in a hackathon. Randomizing the scenarios to have some form of replayability, incorporating sequencing into some of the scenarios.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game runs and we survived making something that actually works at the end of 48 hours for our first hackathon.

What we learned

Ideas are cheap, execution is everything. Follow-up creating the game to completion while balancing everyone's visions of where we should go is a good experience.

What's next for Financial Literacy Game

Incorporate a more interactive and advanced front-end UI presentation that is more smooth and engaging, something along the lines of Tinder but for making decisions. Add more financial literacy scenarios and features, including deciding to invest in stocks, making returns, maybe even a component where there are simple news sources that can hint at certain stocks to go up or down. Add even more parameters to balance decisions with.

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