Who created the project? Yussef Ibarra came up with the idea to have a program that is like a financial profile. The rest of the group liked the idea because we wanted to stay in the finance category. The finance ideas was originally suggested by Joel James.

What inspired you to create this project? As college students, we worry about money all the time. A program that can keep all your financial data through a C++ class is helpful to keep track of debt and other expenses.

What does your project actually do? The user inputs varies financial data, like salary, checking account amount, personal debt, and student debt. The program then states the user's net worth, assets, liabilities, and a possible budget plan to help the user achieve their money goals.

How did you build your project? We built our project on Atom, where all three of us worked on three files at the same time. We pushed all our work into a repository made by Yussef Ibarra. The project is three files, a C++ header file for the finance profile class, a .cpp file to define the functions from the header file, and a main.cpp file to test out instances of our finance profile class. We used an online C++ compiler to test and showcase since Atom does not have a built-in compiler.

What challenges did you face? We had trouble figuring out how to work on this project all at once. I learned about Atom in the Git workshop, and we all rushed to learn how to connect GitHub and Atom, and how to work on it at the same time. After figuring this out, the only challenges we had was debugging small mistakes.

What accomplishments are you proud of? The project actually compiles and works. We are proud that all three of us contributed to the project equally, and we had fun doing so.

What did you learn? We learned how to collaborate at the same, something we did not think is possible. We also learned how to write a C++ class from the ground up from the planning process to implementation to testing.

What is next for your project? Potentially a phone application with an interactive user interface.

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