Many students dislike learning financial words because they are either too hard or boring. As a result, they fail exams or end up dropping the class. According to research, one in five U.S. teenage students lack basic financial literacy skills and worldwide, 35% of men are financially literate compared with 30% of women. In general, financial literacy around the world is rather low. Worldwide, 33% of adults are financially literate, i.e., they demonstrate an understanding of at least three out of four concepts.

What it does

Financial Literacy Trivia provides students with a more interactive and a very powerful instrument to communicate and teach while having fun learning financial vocabulary. This financial literacy learning tool disguised as a game will allow students to improve test scores on financial literacy.

How I built it

Financial Literacy Trivia app was built through MIT App Inventor.

Challenges I ran into

One main challenge I ran into was coding each feature so the app could function as a trivia game. Also, I developed this app on my own so I had to be consistent with my time and meet deadlines.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Financial Literacy Trivia is a way to expose students to who struggle with financial literacy in a more entertaining way and make it a more enjoyable experience and I am glad I was able to develop this app to provide for students. A student at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise tried out my app and was amazed. She stated "I love the concept and idea of this application. Being financially literate is so critical and vital in today’s society. I believe this app will bring great improvements and will be extremely beneficial.” –Jasmeen Kaur

What I learned

I learned Financial Literacy Trivia app can help diminish the gender gap in financial literacy. Since it is a learning tool both gender can use to educate themselves and together increase their knowledge.

What's next for Financial Literacy Trivia App

Financial Literacy Trivia app has a long road ahead. More features will be added to the app in the upcoming year such as more sections, more variety of words and many more surprises.

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